State of Cyber Security in India- What students can do
Increasing number of spams, hacking Facebook accounts and stealing money online seems to be a routine affair in the 21st century. With the latest advancements pushing Indian people to access their bank accounts through phones, the risks of being a victim to online attacks are even higher. This not only costs a huge amount to the victim organisation but also creates the risk of compromising users’ privacy and trust which may eventually lead to the downfall of Digital India.
Defending our country from cyber attacks requires skilled professionals. It’s now time to ask, are we producing enough security professionals? Or do the developers still consider security as a secondary add-on to their product? The reality is, our country lacks skilled Cyber Security professionals. Our government employs a mere 556 cyber security professionals in stark contrast to China’s whopping 1.2 lakh cyber security professionals. Which means we do not have …